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Tigger and Caddy I was an art major in college and it took me over two years to realize that I couldn't count on making a living from art. So, here I am many years later, after taking early retirement from my job, with the time to get back to my artwork.

I have owned Dalmatians and Whippets for many years. And along the way have had my share of horses as my daughter showed Quarters, Paints and Arabians.

I do volunteer work at a local shelter and support Dalmatian rescue through Dalsavers and Rocky Spot Rescue. Last year I personally rescued a Whippet and a Golden Retriever.

Since animals have always played such an important part in my life, I decided to see if I could use my art work to help them out.

Just in case you are wondering how Blank Box came to be, I have a very dear friend (for over 30 years), who is also an artist and her last name is Blank. Years ago we came up with the name Blank Box. I hope that she will be joining this web site in the future as she also does animal art.